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  • Jonathan - April 2024

    "I’m somewhat of a coffee snob and obviously the coffee beans are the most important part of making exceptional coffee. I was so impressed with Grindzilla. The variety of beans they offer is pretty incredible; and the one I chose (Gourmet Donut Shop Coffee) was such a perfect blend for my morning coffee. I can’t wait to try some of the other varieties; truly amazing coffee!"

  • Michael - March 2024

    "I've been enjoying the Honduras beans. First, it's organic so you feel good about that. But when you open the bag and get your first whiff, that's memorable. Rich, earthy... and it makes a fantastic espresso... hints of fruit in a well balanced full body. Delicious!!!!"

  • Lori - January 2024

    "This is my favorite coffee! Great flavor and intensity. I’ve tried all the flavors and it’s Always fresh!"